A Note to Small Businesses

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While many startups and small businesses have a real need for reliable legal advice, they can’t justify hiring an in-house attorney and thus, don’t seek proper counsel.

Many small companies don’t have an attorney review their outbound contracts or commercial leases. They don’t think about the implications of how asset titles impact insurance. They hire employees without establishing proper protocols and safeguards.

Startups and small companies alike should consult with an attorney specializing in business counsel who can evaluate the entirety of the business and help a company understand legal implications, as well as evaluate opportunities, without the financial drain of in-house counsel.

Timely legal advice allows your company to make its own informed decisions for the benefit of your business, employees, and bottom-line.

At Winghart Law Group, Inc., we provide a wide range of outside general counsel services to help your business succeed as economically as possible.

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