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  • Agility
    WLG, Inc. offers complex legal counsel with a level of effectiveness uncommon in large law firms. We make it our mission to get to know you and your company because we want to be of service to you. We have very reasonable prices and can handle your case however you like.
  • Integrity
    Early case review, in the opinion of WLG, Inc., is crucial since it allows us to rapidly decide on a course of action and advise you on how to best reduce costs and risks. Prospective new customers are always welcome to a free 30-minute consultation with WLG, Inc., and we won’t take your case unless we think we may be of assistance.
  • Results
    Working with WLG, Inc. gives you a partner who is committed to helping you succeed. We can help you avoid conflicts by providing early guidance, training, and preventative measures. And WLG, Inc. is prepared to represent you if you do find yourself in a dispute. WLG, Inc. frequently settles disputes amicably through negotiation, but it is ready to take your case to court if required.



On the tenets of outstanding client engagement, cost effectiveness, and a commitment to delivering superior results, Drew formed Winghart Law Group, Inc. In a variety of practice areas, including commercial litigation, professional liability, intellectual property, construction litigation, real estate transactions, fraud, and insurance litigation, Drew has a wealth of experience representing individuals, small businesses, insurers, real estate brokers, attorneys, and financial institutions.
Drew and Dog
  • Tulane Law School, 1999
  • Colorado State University, 1996

The three lovely children Drew is the proud father of keep the rest of his days busy, along with a rescue dog. Mountain biking, skiing, camping, and making unique furniture are all things Drew enjoys.


I started practicing law in 1999, the year I received my law degree from Tulane, at a little Georgia firm. Initially, I specialized in insurance litigation, defending insurers in disputes over the interpretation of complex contracts. I still draw on this background and experience when I practice today.

When I first went to California, I worked for a firm in Southern California that represented people and policyholders in intellectual property and insurance litigation. I went back to insurance coverage litigation with an insurer focus after relocating to the Bay Area.

I took a few years off after becoming a father to devote myself to raising my expanding family. When a family friend asked me to assist him with a modest investment property whose tenant, a large food retailer, tried to compel him to significantly reduce the rent, that’s when I made the decision that I wanted to work for myself. Without assistance in negotiating a deal that offered financial security for my client, the owner of this investment property—which served as his retirement—would have lost his own house.

Because it would be a new field of law, the legal firm I was contracting for didn’t want to “get involved.” I understood that it was a subject that would significantly, negatively, and incalculably affect my friend. The expensive company that had handled the sale was out of his price range. I was obligated to intervene and offer my assistance.

And many of the folks I work with today are seen by me in that light. They are dedicated people who are unclear of what to do because they are not familiar with the legal system.

I also handle litigation in the areas of intellectual property, personal injury, and insurance coverage in addition to residential real estate. In a variety of transactional and legal matters, I also represent small businesses on a regular basis.

I belong to the Santa Clara County Plaintiff Trial Lawyers Association, the San Mateo County Bar Association, and the Alameda County Bar Association. I devote my volunteer time to Lawyers in the Library and the San Mateo County Community Law Night.

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